The Art Gallery of Igor Shterenberg & Harry Koster

Winter klein (20 x 25), Harry Koster 1997

The work of Harry Koster can be seen in our virtual museum. It is also possible to purchase the work of the artist. More information can be found on the page FOR SALE. Would you rather look around first? Then take a look at the entire collection we have or read Harrie’s biography about how everything came about.


The work of Igor Shterenberg is authentic, original and extremely detailed. See on the collection pages how in detail the paintings are elaborated, an art in itself. The collection of Igor Shterenberg can be found here. Besides the paintings of Harrie Koster, the paintings of Igor can also be purchased in Fine art Prints or the original work.  

Brouwersgracht, Amsterdam (70 x 50), Igor Shterenberg 2006


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