Harry Koster Collection

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Harry Koster (born in Rotterdam in 1943), lives and works as a painter, sculptor and restorer in Zierikzee. He studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. After his studies he worked in the studios of Arie Teeuwisse and Toon Koster. His favorite subjects include landscapes and animal motifs.

Pattertje (13 x 17), Harry Koster 2003

I started drawing from a very young age, ducklings and flies

Winter in de polder (43 x 38), Harry Koster 1997

After high school I went to the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. In Rotterdam – because that’s where I grew up

7 meeuwen boven het (Zeeuwse) wad (30 43), Harry Koster 1983

In 1969 I ended up in Zierikzee. On these stinking mudflats here