Igor Shterenberg Collection

More about Igor Shterenberg

Igor Shterenberg was born in 1960 in Moscow. Shterenberg sees himself as a ‘photo-realist’. His main source of inspiration is Johannes Vermeer, whose love for painting city scenes he shares.

Sunday’s Moscow. Bolshaya Nikitska (73 x 100), Igor Shterenberg 1990

In 1960 born and raised in Moskou

Rehearsal (120 x 120), Igor Shterenberg 1988

graduated at the Surikov Institute of Fine Arts in Moscow

Sunday's Moscow. Prechistenka (80 x 100), Igor Shterenberg 1992

Became a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. He has – among others – exhibited in the Kremlin and in the Pieter Brueghel Art Gallery in Amsterdam